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1. Specially added plant essential oils to reduce hair density and activity and prevent hair from becoming rough and black.
2. Supplements the nutrients lost in the skin after hair removal, avoids dry skin and keeps the skin smooth
3. Reduce hair density and activity. Prevent body hair from getting thicker and darker
4. Supplements nutrients lost after hair removal to avoid dry skin and keep skin smooth
5. Maintain damaged skin to achieve a healthy skin condition
Net content: 10ml

Package Includes:

1x Hair Growth Inhibitor Essence

​Note:this is hair growth inhibitor spray , can’t remove hair directly at onece ,the spray and remover cream will work better together.

usage:If you don’t have a lot of hair, you can spray it directly in the area where you want to remove hair twice a day. If your hair is strong, it is recommended to use it with a depilatory cream. Spray it after depilation, then 2 times a day for 1-3 weeks., the effect will be obvious, and it will be better to stick to the effect.Hair suppression is permanent 



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