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PURC Oplex bond  Repair connections of damaged hair, strengthen hair
toughness and elasticity hair treatment free shipping
Dear friend, right now. do you know what products can reduce the damge of
hair when you dye hair, hair bleach,Ultra Lift Colors, Highlights, Straightening ?
the hot sale Oplex bond set  will help you do that !!!!!!
Size: 100ml 


Break the traditional dyed colored methods  

Comes saviour in new beauty salon

Tough and healthy hair from here

Re-strength inside, protect outside

Three steps system of treatment, Significantly reduced damage of chemical treatment,

Strengthen hair from inside to outside.

Notice :   olplex 1 will looks not full when you receive parcel, here’s two reasons olplex 1 looks

not full: 

Firstly , the size of bottle is 120ml, it is more than 100ml, so it looks not full. 

Secondly, the olplex 1 is liquid, olplex 2 and 3 is cream, cream looks bigger size than liquid due to different 


If you don’t believe us and think it’s leakage after receiving parcel, please weight the weight of olplex1,

the real weight is about 0.115kg . 


PURC Oplex bond  Repair connections of damaged hair, strengthen hair 
toughness and elasticity hair treatment free shipping
The set including :
One piece x 100ml Oplex   1
One piece x 100ml   Oplex    2
One piece x 100ml   Oplex   3
Free shipping
Who need the PURC Oplex bond set ? 
1.  Who want reduce the damge of hair  when you dye hair, hair bleach,
Ultra Lift Colors, Highlights, Straightening .  Who want use it at home. 
2. As a gifts for your family or your friends ! 


Are you Longing for smoother, softer , healthier hair?

PURC Oplex dond set set are popular option do at home and salons. If you’re
thinking  about  trying it, you should know this:


Create a new hair connection in internal hair, repair connections of damaged hair, and thoroughly
strengthen the toughness and elasticity of hair.

Mix With Hair Colour, Bleach, Ultra Lift, Colors, Highlights, Straightening, Perms, Balayage, Ombre.


Oplex 2

Exclusive polymerization protective membrane build a protective layer in the hair outer layer,

make effect of Oplex 1 longer

While closing the surface cuticle of the scalp, reducing the damage of external environment

to hair. 


Oplex 3

Use twice a week, maintain Oplex 2 enhancer protection effect, also nourishing hair, enhance the

moisture and gloss.


How to work ? 

1. Mix hair colour/ bleaching powder/STRAIGHTENING thoroughly.

2. Add PURC OPLEX No.1 Bond Re-constructor with the following ratio guideline:

For every 10ml of color mixture, add 1ml of PURC OPLEX No.1 Bond Re-constructor

For every 10ml of bleaching mixture, add 2ml of PURC OPLEX No.1 Bond Re-constructor

For every 50ml of perm or straightening mixture, add 10ml of of PURC OPLEX No.1 Bond Re-constructor

3. Rinse hair, do not use shampoo and dry hair thoroughly with towel .

4. Followed by PURC OPLEX No.2 Bond Fortifier application.

5. Finally, use OPLEX No.3, message hair for 2~5 minutes, then, rinse it. 





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