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Product name: ROREC hydrating acid moisturizer& tender skin essence

Net weight: 15ml

Product description: drops of essence, nourish and whitening skin , watery& tender touch impression , easy to absorbed.

Limited to date: See the packing


Using steps:

1: clean your face with warm water

2: take moderate hydrating acid essence and use it on face

3: massage face from inside to cheek with your hands.


Shrink pores

Serum facial   face essence  serum  face cream  anti-aging anti-wrinkle reduce fine lines

​Moisturizing and hydrating,deep nourishing,replenish necessary water and nutrition to skin,make skin be more tender and smooth



Watery skin , nourish skin
Drops of essence , nourish& whitening skin
Products name: Hydrating acid moisturizer tender skin essence
Net Weight: 15ml
Product description: Drops of essence , nourish& whitening skin, watery& tender touch impression, easy to absorb.
Limited to date: See the packing


nourish& whitening         hydrating          smooth
hydrating  contain plant essence
refresh& cool  let skin not feel dry
whitening skin shrink pores
nourish deep watery skin
 Contain hydrating acid essence, supply skin water deeply, give skin natural care.


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