Snake Oil Tender Hand Cream Hand Care Antibacterial Anti-chapping Whitening Nourishing Anti-Aging Skin Care Cream 80g


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1. Snake oil can enhance the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging function of the skin, making the skin white and delicate, with elastic luster.
2, can eliminate facial wrinkles and pregnancy stretch marks after pregnancy.
3, snake oil has a good healing effect on fire, water, burns and hemorrhoids caused by prolonged bed rest.
4, snake oil can prevent and treat frostbite, especially for intractable frostbite.
5, the body part of the dry winter hand and foot rupture, the skin will return to normal after a week of continuous application.
6, snake oil on the skin cleft palate, ankle, herpes zoster and other skin symptoms after rubbing effect is particularly good.
7, snake oil has the effect of regulating endocrine disorders, laxative, beauty and beauty, to prevent skin aging and other effects.
Use of snake oil for external use: Apply a proper amount to the affected area. [The method and dosage of the prescription should be used according to the prescription of the prescription].


Wash foot before use,then dry it.Before getting up and sleep daily,apply to the effected area. 
Massage using the circular motions until absorption.Twice a day.(Morning and night) 


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