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[ Specifications ]

Ingredient: Vitamin E, Glycerin,Sodium Hyaluronate

Type:Emulsion Plant Essence

Gender: Female


Skin Type:All skin types,dry skin,oil skin ,sensitive skin.

Region of Manufacture: Made in United States

Shelf life: 3years

NET WT: 40ml

[ Features ]

1.Hyaluronic acid has a high degree of water retention. Hyaluronic acid is an ideal moisturizing ingredient for extremely dry skin or skin that is severely dehydrated,

2.It nourishes the skin and locks the moisture in the skin, white skin, remove dark,dull keeping the skin moist for a long time.

3.While whitening the skin it also nourishes the skin.Sticking to it allows the skin to be delicate and smooth.

4.improve the phenomenon of enlarged pores, eliminate chloasma, eliminate acne, make skin full of elasticity, delicate, moist, shiny

5.Helps improve skin thickness and resiliencesolidifies skin and increases natural elasticity

[How to use]

1.Apply the essence evenly on forehead, cheeks, chin and face

2.Spread evenly across the face

3.Massage gently with your fingertips to help absorption

Use it twice a day , moring and evening



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